Business Services & Operations

Accountable for the financial and business aspects of Loving Municipal Schools, our Business Department ensures responsible use of taxpayer funds. 

You have the right to know how your tax dollars are spent, and we have taken the steps to ensure financial transparency. To view our financial reports and budgets, please visit the NM Sunshine Portal. And of course, we are happy to answer your questions and address concerns regarding budgets or funding allocation.

Maintenance Department

Learning happens best in a clean environment, free from distractions and safety hazards. Our maintenance team puts forth a tremendous effort to keep our campus looking good and well-maintained.

Information Services

Our IS tech team handles the daily hiccups that always seem to accompany technology. In addition, they are a vital component to the success of our 1:1 Technology Department. We depend heavily on our tech team to keep us connected with each other—and with you.

Team Members

Veronica Carrasco
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Greta Cervera
IS Technician
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Oralia Galindo
Business Manager
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Frank Orozco
Maintenance Supervisor
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John Ortiz
IS Director
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