FFA students in gym bleachers

Our District

We are Loving Municipal School District, and our students are the pulse of this community. As educators and community members, we work together to create an environment that promotes a desire to learn and succeed. See how we do it here.

Our Vision

To challenge all students to meet their potential in an ever-changing society.

Our Mission

Loving Municipal Schools, in partnership with our community, is committed to ensuring all students reach the highest levels of achievement to become successful citizens.

Strategic Planning Focus Areas

Personalized Learning

What does this mean?
Each student is an individual. Each individual learns differently, hence, we are committed to teaching each student at an individualized pace and challenging students to excel against their own standards. We encourage our students to use technology to help personalize their learning and not only support the academic but also support the physical and emotional development of each student.

Why is this important?
The word “all” in our mission and vision statement signifies we are committed to each individual. We use our small school advantage to make sure each student receives a personalized education and ensure that no student is overlooked. Students are facing a world where change is at an unprecedented pace, and we must support their individual learning to ensure each has unlimited opportunities to excel.

Talent Management

What does this mean?
Excellent teaching requires excellent teachers, and excellent teachers can deliver personalized learning. The impact of the quality teacher is the cornerstone of a quality educational experience for students. Once quality teachers have been recruited and selected, keeping them in the district is a vital objective.

Why is this important?
Educators are a proud profession, and as such, must support one another as we learn together to better serve our students. The better we work together as role models in "Loving Learning," the more effective our service to students. We will constantly adapt and create an environment of cooperation and collaboration. We honor our vulnerability as we strive to improve our professional practice.

Community Partnerships

What does this mean?
We serve as the hub of this community. Our linkage with all aspects of the community through parents, businesses, volunteers, and others is critical in accomplishing our mission. We recognize that a public school cannot only effectively educate students but can also serve as the center to a vital community.

Why is this important?
We are an open and transparent system. We view our partnerships with the entire community as a requisite for our success. We value our parents as prime partners and recognize their importance in supporting our education of their children. We consistently market our successes while honestly acknowledging our limitations. We acknowledge that our community exceeds the boundaries of our district, and in the process, we must help all our students understand the increasingly complex world in which we are all a part.


What does this mean?
Good communication is one of the hallmarks of an effective and efficient school district. The clarity with which the district speaks and the accuracy with which the district listens are fundamental to the success of our mission and achieving our vision.

Why is this important?
The other three focus areas in this strategic plan are interdependent, and only through effectively communicating the importance of these focus areas can staff, parents, and our community fully appreciate and participate in helping us move toward our vision and accomplish our mission. Our earnest efforts to keep all informed of progress on our focus areas will build trust and support a virtuous cycle.